Prof. Heidi Salaets

PHD, Associate Professor​

Heidi Salaets currently is the head of the Interpreting Studies Research Group at the Faculty of Arts at KU Leuven. At the Antwerp Campus of the same university, she teaches interpreting studies and trains interpreters (Italian-Dutch) in the Master in Interpreting. She is also responsible for the evaluation procedure in the LIT-training (Legal Interpreters and Translators). The main research area in which Heidi Salaets works, is linked to legal interpreting. Since 2012, she works together with dr. Katalin Balogh for different DG-Justice projects (EC), as coordinator and/or as a partner.

Barbara Németh

Head of Child Participation Program @ Hintalovon Foundation

Psychologist, working with and for children. Since 2012, she has facilitated and promoted the participation of children in researches, public decision making and child rights advocacy. Her PhD research at Eotvos Lorand University focuses on the psychology of the partnership with children and its developmental significance. Multidisciplinary teamwork and her adolescent colleagues give her the greatest inspiration to listen and learn.

Gabriele D. Mack

Associate Professor at the University of Bologna, Department of Interpreting and Translation

Gabriele Mack is associate professor in German language and translation at the Dipartimento di Interpretazione e Traduzione in Forlì – University of Bologna. Her research interests are focused on interpretation studies, in particular on communication mediated by interpreters in different fields and on didactics based on the learner’s autonomy, supported by the awareness of the variables at stake such as his/her own skills, the characteristics of the communicative setting and the discursive typologies typical of situations involving the interpreter. At present, her research concentrates on interactions with minors mediated by interpreters.

Stefan Aelbrecht

KU Leuven

Stefan Aelbrecht holds a Master in Law (University of Antwerp, 2015) and a European Masters in Human Rights Law and Democratisation (European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation, 2016).
On 1 October 2019, he started as assistant researcher in the Children in Legal Language Settings (CHiLLS) project. The project aims to deepen understanding of interpreter mediated questioning of minors during criminal and asylum proceedings. Stefan has previously worked for the Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre, the European Union Delegation to Sudan, Welthungerhilfe and Plan International Belgium.
His broader research interests are human rights, children’s rights and interdisciplinary research. In particular, his curiosity goes out to the functioning and reasoning of judicial and quasi-judicial bodies, and to procedural guarantees.

Amalia A. M. Amato

PhD, Research Fellow and Junior Lecturer

Amalia A. M. Amato is research fellow and junior lecturer at the Department of Interpreting and Translation (DIT) of Bologna University where she teaches interpreting from English into Italian. Her main research interests include interpreter education and training, assessment of interpreting as a process and a product, dialogue interpreting in medical and legal settings, media interpreting, telephone interpreting and interpreting for children and adolescents.